Audio interview

A comprehensive audio interview conducted over two hours with up to 30 photographs turned into a slide show.

  • Two-hour uncut interview
  • 30 photograph slideshow
  • USB/DVD with recording and slideshow

Feature article

A feature newspaper style article framed and ready for your wall. 

A conversation starter depicting a person’s life, condensed into around 1600 words with up to three photographs, space permitting. Plus a slideshow of up to 30 photographs on a USB or DVD with the uncut audio interview.

  • Two-hour interview
  • Audio interview uncut
  • 30 photographs in a slideshow
  • Beautifully presented newspaper-style article in broadsheet or tabloid format
  • Additional copies by arrangement

book keepsake

A beautiful, hardback book in A3 size based on an extensive interview set in a newspaper souvenir lift-out style.

This is a gift to coming generations, a legacy of personal and yet family history, told in depth.

The book and the movie

A 30-minute video interview shot using two or more cameras, edited to include photographs and home movies where available. 

Included with the video is an A3 size newspaper article book, giving even greater detail about the family member or colleague profiled in the video.

This would suit large families who want to celebrate the life of a significant relative for a grand occasion. 

  • Three hour interview over one or two sessions
  • 50 photographs in a slideshow with music overlay
  • Uncut audio interview
  • Three copies of the Hardback book in tabloid format with 16-plus pages. Each page has in depth insights to share with those you love
  • An edited video recording of the interview with home video and classic family photos included where available. Ten USB/DVDs to share.
  • Additional copies of the book and video by arrangement

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