A timeless book to share

Family history book in a newspaper style

More than a family history book

It's a life story celebrated.

Treasure those you love with a book about their life story. More than a family history book this hardback, full-colour book is designed to celebrate a life. A perfect birthday or anniversary gift book – every inch is personalised.

This unique book is exclusive to Stories to Keep. The book is designed to look like a newspaper, in souvenir lift-out style. Every page filled with headlines, anecdotes, pictures and captions telling their story

A lifetime treasured for generations to come.

This life and family history book captures the essence of a person with at least 12 pages and about 12,000 words dedicated to a loved one or to a couple who are celebrating a milestone. 

How many times have we wondered whether we will remember all their stories or how will we tell their great grandchildren. This book captures those stories forever for generations to come.

my life story as a book

Stories to Keep knows the value of books. The way the words flow is what makes it possible for us to finish reading a novel, but the layout of Stories to Keep books ensure even the youngest and oldest relative can enjoy it at their own level.

The milestone or anniversary gift books are carefully crafted so as to lure even the youngest reader. Who does not want to read a book with big photographs of Nonna, Nonno or Yiayia as a child. Youngsters might even find a photograph of themselves in the book. Older readers will be absorbed by the life story, understanding more about more serious topics, as they grow older. 

interviewing parents and loved ones

Bringing those words and pictures together to create a timeless life story personal to you is what we do best.

We do this through extensive interviews, lasting about four hours, set over a period to suit you. We can interview parents both together and separately, which works well for a wedding anniversary gift.

Stories to Keep writers are all highly experienced in interviewing and getting to know you as a person, therefore you can be assured we will handle your more precious relative with care.

Each life story book brings out dozens of details and stories that have either been forgotten or never told. Parent interviews often have children and grandchildren marveling at what they never knew about you.

More than a family history book

Many of us are searching through old records seeking our family history and ancestry, but this book is so much more. It is a living history that future generations will treasure even more because it explains so much about family life at a certain point in history.

This hardback book can cover the highlights from birth to present day, but expect a few words of wisdom on the way. These books can also concentrate on a particular period of a person’s life story, and also avoid topics or eras they are uncomfortable talking about.

These priceless pages are all protected with an A3 or tabloid newspaper-size hardcover book. This book is beautifully hand-bound.

While it can be a birthday gift or anniversary gift book, this book is a gift to the whole family. It is an asset not just for the younger generation, but for descendants to come, as an historical record of your family history. 

Bonus material

Your package includes your A3 hardback book. More books can be printed, ask about our pricing for additional books. These make a great gift to send overseas or for relatives to keep.

Also included is a USB, which has bonus material such as a photographic slideshow taken from pictures used in the book. The USB also has the audio from the interview and a transcript. This allows you to share both files electronically with an unlimited number of friends and family.

Let Stories to Keep take the strain out of finding that perfect birthday or anniversary gift with a life Story to Keep. 

Don’t take our word for it though, hear and read what our clients say about us. 

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Additional books upon request. Full transcript by negotiation.

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