Audio interview of a loved one

It all starts with the audio interview of a loved one or of you. 

We call them interviews but they are really a reminiscing chat, completed over four hours in one or two sessions.

The interview with a loved one is conducted at home or in a location that is comfortable.

Before the interview with a loved one, we get to know the sorts of stories you want to tell or hear. This could be early childhood or family memories. Or they may wish to recall how and why events happened as they did. It could also be an in-depth chat about a particular period or event. 

You decide what you want to know more about, but expect to hear one or two gems of stories you didn’t already know.

The audio interview is supplied unedited, with the interviewer’s questions included so you can hear the context in which their stories are told in their own voice.

The interview is provided on USB or DVD with up to 30 photographs in a slide show. This is suitable for use on a big screen at any anniversary, special birthday or milestone event.


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