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Meet the new president

When I first became a memoir writer and life story teller, I cast around for a group of colleagues who were like-minded. I also wanted some guidance on a code of ethics when working with clients to tell their stories. Questions like whose story is it anyway? If a memory is flawed or incomplete what should a life story teller do?

I found Life Stories Australia – a small band of men and women who were writing, filming and interviewing people to tell the life stories of others. Better than that though, I found colleagues I could bounce ideas and solve problems with.

When I felt confident to do so, I joined the board to help with its communication and media.

Sadly, this week our esteemed leader Gabriella Kelly-Davies needed to step down to attend to a pressing health matter. I wish her a speedy recovery. She is kind and thoughtful and a thorough professional. I decided it was time to step up and am humbled that my colleagues on the board have elected me as president of this small but uniquely formed organisation. It has nurtured me so much, I hope to be able to give some of that collegiate good will back.