Business Stories to keep

What better way to tell your business story than with a front page newspaper article in your foyer or with a newspaper-style book for your customers to admire. 

Your business story has all the action of any great tale – the business’ history, the triumphs, the research, development and the digging deep to find a way through to success.

Stories to Keep starts with the initial interview. We ask you what you would like to include in the scope of  your story? Is this a history of your business and its role in the community? Is is the story of a particular product or service? Or is this about your personal contribution to the industry and business. This initial phase provides the framework of your story.

Make sure you find all those gems of photographs, meaningful documents and visual items that will help tell your story.

Then we get down to the interview where we tell your business story. This process is designed to be relaxed and fun. Here you get to tell your own story in your own way.

You will receive a draft of your story and then a second draft with any changes. We want you to be completely happy with the telling of your story. 

The final product will be a front page broadsheet newspaper article or a tabloid size, souvenir lift-out style hardcover, hand-bound book.

Stories to Keep is also able to produce high quality video to tell your business story, but know every business has specific needs. Feel free to discuss this with us when talking about your newsprint story.

Either, or both if you prefer, will tell  your clients and competitors you have a business story to tell and you have made it.

Business history in newspaper format

The article




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