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The book,
the audio and now
... the movie

Sometimes words on a page are not enough.

For those people who want the ultimate keepsake and permanent reminder for generations to come, there is the option of a 25-30 minute film, professionally shot and edited. 

This lengthy process provides a time capsule reminder of a loved one’s thoughts, words of wisdom and tales of their life shot in their own home. The interview over about four hours will be conducted by two professionals, a videographer and journalist to produce this beautiful package.

Along with 10 copies of the video on USB/DVD will be 3 copies of the book which will include many of the tales and details that cannot be told in just 30 minutes.  More books and USBs available upon request.

Complete with this you will also receive the audio of the interview and up to 50 photographs scanned and turned into a slide show, suitable for playing on the big screen at a birthday or anniversary celebration.


Click the image to see a sample of a video interview

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