'The book feels like a precious gift'

We are also very grateful for the book you wrote about mum and dad and that you had captured her memories and voice before much of it was lost to her. It made preparing the eulogy very easy and we had our copies of the book at the wake where people enjoyed reading and reminiscing. 

The book really feels like a precious gift and I am so glad we engaged you to prepare it for us.

'A truly impressive 100-year history'

We decided to have a 100-year book written as more of a permanent memento than a one night celebration that would fade into a vague and imprecise recollection.

After considerable searching we found a recommended author from the western suburbs where our history was made.

Deborah Gough wasted no time in digging up some incredible stories from the start date in 1921, most of which we were unaware.

The story would not have had the depth and credibility without the great contribution of Andy Brown’s grand daughter Joy Moore.
Between Deborah and Joy Moore, the early years were rediscovered and presented as a truly impressive and precise start to a marathon work.

Deborah’s further persistent research of past and current employees and friends of W & B built credibly on her initial search to produce a truly impressive 100-year history.

 For Steve and I, the whole process has been a long labour of love with an end result fitting of the W & B standard and a great compliment to it’s author – Deborah.

'Bringing out stories even (our) very close family hadn't seen or heard'

My family and I would like to thank Stories to Keep for telling my parents’ story in such an engaging and honest way. 

Deborah was exceptional at organising the interviews, managing the transcribing circumstances which were not always straightforward, could not always run smoothly, and worked around my parents’ physical limitations. 

She was always enthusiastic, always organised, and did a great job collating photos and bringing out stories that even close family hadn’t seen or heard about yet. These are stories, recollections, photos and information that my parents, my siblings and our children will treasure in the years and generations to come.

We cannot thank Deborah enough for all her hard working putting the book together, and for providing the tapes of the interviews. 

The book itself is beautiful in terms of content, layout and quality, perfect for having at home for the grandkids to flick though, but also perfect as a keepsake that they will have with them to remind them of the beautiful people who came before them and loved them. And to be able to hear their voices in the future will be something we will cherish. 

Thank you Deb, we would recommend your services wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to capture their loved ones stories and memories in a way that is relaxed and hassle-free. 

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Sue talks about what it was like to be interviewed and have her life story told in her own words by Stories to Keep.

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